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"When the world says, "Give Up," "HOPE whispers, TRY IT ONE MORE TIME!"...

Every couple’s route to best settle legal divorce is different. Mediation can be lower cost, less time-consuming, more peaceful solution to end. It was founded by Keila Gilbert, Esquire, a divorcee passionate to find “ a better and healthier way to divorce that would benefit the family as a whole.” Most importantly, AlphaResourceCenter requires the parents to consult with a truly caring and genuine Donna Conwell, a Parenting Mediator. Regardless of your friction with almost- ex, your innocent child(ren) deserve to be prioritized.

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Kristen is happily married for a second time, and her passion is helping divorced women design a solid financial plan for moving ahead securely.
A series of Christian based video seminars on divorce, followed by a circle discussion on the video watched that week. Held at Doylestown United Methodist Church on Swamp Road. Ask for Deb Hudson who will kindly address any understandable first time anxieties.
We can probably all agree that divorce is stressful! Mine certainly was, and most of the parenting responsibilities for my then 8 year old son fell on me. Add to that running a small business, taking care of the house, and caring for my elderly parents, and you can imagine the pressure of the endless to-do list, which left little time to think of myself, or do much along the lines of self-care. My bi-weekly massages made all the difference! Stress leads to muscle tension which leads to irritability, headaches, digestive issues, and exhaustion. Imagine how much easier your life would feel if you felt good in your body. Let me help you with that. Let massage melt away all your tension, aches, and pains. Give yourself the gift of 90 minutes just for you-no kids, no phone, no carpool-just you on a warm, soft table with soothing music and scented oils...You deserve to feel this good

Jennifer Nails
1456 Ferry Road, Doylestown, PA 18901
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Make a quick (reasonably priced) Escape locally for a Massage (Chair) and Healing Lavendar Hot Rock Pedicure all in one! Tell Kim Amy sent you! If you don't have time or money for a longer massage, Walk-In here for a lemon oil infused one.
Compatible Connections is a boutique coaching firm that works exclusively with divorced women across all 50 states. Most divorced women are petrified at the thought of dating. They haven't been on a date in years, and they have no idea where to begin. Our services teach our clients how to become confident, conscious daters. Our mission is to show every woman we work with how to find the love of her life after divorce.
Bellydance classes and events--Bellydance is an ancient art form originally created by women, for women. It's not only a wonderful workout, toning muscles and burning calories, but more importantly it helps you find your true self - providing a form of healing and empowerment that can be found nowhere else. Lurainya Koerber has dedicated her career to empowering women and girls. Those healing from trauma, of all kinds, find a home and hope in her classes.

"Lurainya's classes have helped me to feel independent, beautiful and confident in my body. She is able to reach the hearts of women who have been misled and mistreated by society and helps them find themselves. I hope she reaches as many women as possible!" - Renee Pappas, paralegal

"Lurainya stays with me because she is one of those people in life who touches everyone she meets with the power of hope. I remember the feeling of possibility I experienced in her classes, and it still helps me today when I face challenging times, because I know I'll make it through." ~ Ruth Phillips, business owner

"Lurainya has taught me that Bellydance is about finding yourself. Her lessons are simple, yet challenging, and make me really appreciate my body and soul for what they are." ~ Jean Haldeman, mother

"As a middle-aged woman, I have found bellydance to be a source of healing and enjoyable exercise, wonderful friendships and spiritual centering. Lurainya teaches the dance with conviction, with passion and as a teacher who reveals to her students the inner beauty that each possess. Ultimately, she helps others to heal through dance as she gently guides her students to their true beauty." ~ Lorraine Smith, minister








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